The Value of Time – Go Home!

The Value of Time – Go Home!

The most important lesson I learned from graduate school is that everything can be accomplished, as long as you have enough time to dedicate to your goals. Some people’s time is more valuable than others, the important thing is that each one of us puts a price on our own time and how we use it to achieve our goals.

The main goal is to get started on the truly important tasks that have imperative deadlines. This is the main reason why I love using scrum, since prioritization is all about offering the highest business value at this slice of time.

This is very counter intuitive in our culture. At one time or another, we have all felt proud because we have spent countless hours in the office working on a project. In reality, this is a trick the brain plays.

Sometimes we are so busy doing things that are not important, yet, we feel proud because we use time as a measure of accomplishments. Instead, we should measure our progress based in terms of returns on investment.

After completing a sprint, the best way to recover is by winding down and recover to have another successful sprint.

Work hard, get important things done and go home!